Hermaden Institute

Who is Hermaden?

Hermaden is a collective consciousness, a group of extremely wise and loving non-physical teachers. Some would call them spiritual teachers or guides or angels. They are divine energy with access to universal wisdom. And they are here to answer your questions...about everything. 

This might seem weird to you, right? It depends on your belief system and your past experiences with non-physical energy. 

Do you believe that we are energy? Everything is energy. 

Do you believe in divine or infinite intelligence? That there is a wise knowing that exists in the Universe?

There are beings who have access to that broader understanding, that wiser perspective, of why things work the way they do. Because there is a consistency to how things unfold in the Universe. There are laws and principles that coordinate the way everything is working.

This information isn't secret. We have just forgotten it. We knew most of it at one time, just as we knew our own worth. A lot of us, though, have kept asking. We ask why, how. We have questions. Some of us have lots of questions. And we are looking for answers.

So, enter brilliant, loving spiritual teachers from the non-physical realm -- what many people call Heaven -- to help us understand. To help us remember who we really are, and what we really know.

This is not about teaching something new and foreign. This is about helping you recall your own wisdom, your own guidance.

Hermaden doesn't want you listening to them. They want you listening to yourselves. Because you have access to all the answers within you.

Hermaden wants you to learn to rely on your own wisdom and power, and develop your own access to divine intelligence. Because we all have those abilities. We just need to re-tool ourselves so we start using more of the skills we were born with.

The wisdom of Hermaden is received and interpreted publicly by Graehme Hall. She has been tuning to the energy, the vibration and frequency, that is Hermaden for many years. She is practiced at it. But this wisdom is available to you, too. Graehme has deep love and appreciation for brilliant facilitators/teachers like Esther Hicks and Jane Roberts who have helped millions to better understand this process: receiving divine wisdom publicly, and sharing it with people who are seeking answers to their questions. The process is co-creative: without questions, there would be no answers. You have called Hermaden forth.

Graehme says that it took her a while to decide it was okay to be "publicly weird," at least as seen within our culture. But she came to understand the value of what was being shared and the importance of people understanding that we all have access to divine wisdom. It is available to all of us, all the time. We are never alone with our problems or questions, even if it feels that way. We just have to understand that energy has frequencies, like when we tune to a radio station. Answers to our questions are on different frequencies than the questions themselves. We have to improve our own vibrational tuning and shift our own frequency to "hear" or receive the answer we have been asking for. Sometimes, we have been practicing an old frequency of not understanding for so long, that it can be challenging to allow the answer in. That, Graehme has found, is often when it is most helpful to turn to someone else.

So, Hermaden is here to help us understand the process of working with universal energy and laws to create happy and fulfilling lives, to help us understand our own power and worth, to fine-tune our own process of creating what we want in our lives, and to help us realize that we are loved unconditionally from non-physical, all of the time. We humans are powerful, amazing beings -- spiritual beings here on earth to relish this process of physical creation. Let's have fun and enjoy! 

Why the name Hermaden?

The name "Hermaden" is pronounced Her - madden. Her as in his/her; "madden" like the famous football coach. When Graehme asked what she should call them, this is what she received. The root of Hermaden comes from the Greek Hermes. In Greek mythology, Hermes was the messenger of the gods, a guide of souls, and served as a link between humans and the gods. While the belief at that time was that there were many gods, today many religions recognize one Divine Source. 

Hermaden is a group -- a collective consciousness. Consider them to be a spiritual think tank with access to infinite intelligence. They are a group of wise and loving teachers who are sharing a unified perspective, so it sounds like one voice when in fact it is the collective wisdom of many.

What many know as God (or by other names) is the highest, purest frequency in the Universe. Hermaden is like many non-physical teachers who help us to bridge that gap, understanding the power of unconditional love and divinity that expresses to, in and through us...and which many of us are seeking to understand and embrace more fully.

So why does Graehme choose this "weirdness" instead of just pretending its all her?

First, it would not be authentic, or present the integrity and alignment in which she deeply believes. Second, it would not help others to understand that we are all extensions of Divine, non-physical energy. The sense of separation is an illusion. Divine wisdom and love are all around us. We have access every moment of every day. But because of the high frequency of this energy -- these vibrations, we do not always maintain close enough proximity to hear or receive what they are sending us. We often choose to give our attention to subjects which take us to a lower frequency, where it can be hard for us to receive the love and communication from non-physical. We have to learn how to tune ourselves up, and open to their frequency. 

You can have the best radio station in the world, but people have to tune to that frequency to receive what is being offered. Non-physical is broadcasting to us all the time. But we need to be willing to tune to them and receive.