I Am...

​This exercise is more than word-play -- it is a list of more than 100 positive words that you can use to describe yourself or others. Simply say, "I am..." and then choose the words from the list that will move you to a better-feeling, better-thinking place! Some people like to say "I am..." before each word. Others begin with "I am" and then read through the entire list, or choose the words that resonate with them most strongly. Remember to FEEL these words as you say them. To view this exercise, click the link below:

​I Am.pdf

Thought Steps

​This exercise will show you how to shift your thoughts to a better feeling place. You move from where you currently are on a topic to a place that is more in alignment with how Source views the subject -- to a higher place vibrationally. It helps to shift you toward alignment with what you want. To view this exercise, click the link below:



 Everyone needs tools that we can use to become more positive in our thinking, raise our vibration to a higher frequency, or feel better about a topic or situation. If you find these helpful, we hope you will add them to your personal toolkit!

What is going well for me? What good things happened today?

We often share a litany of what went wrong during the day with our friends and family. But what happened right? What went well? Almost always, much more goes well in the day than not. But we tend to focus on the negative. Make a list of what went right in your day. What good things happened for you? If you are sitting down to dinner with family or friends, ask them what good things happened today? What was your favorite thing about work or school today? What was the best moment of your day?​ By emphasizing the positive in your life, you will attract more of it. Make it your mission to find the positive.

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What if...?

We can find that our own patterns of thought box us into a certain reality. Perhaps we are accepting limitations where we would like more options. How can we easily shift long-standing patterns of thought? One way is to simply allow ourselves to begin asking questions. A simple phrase like "what if..." can allow our thinking to expand. Maybe you would like your business to grow, but you don't know where you can find extra funds. "What if..." I had one more customer a day, and I dedicated that money to grow my business? What if I had ten more customers a week? "What if..." I start thinking about what I want in my life, instead of what I don't want? What if I focus on what goes right in my day instead of wrong? What if there is a solution to my problem, maybe even more than one, and I decide to find it...or ask the Universe/God to show it to me? What if I do qualify for a better-paying job, with a good boss, where I really like my colleagues? What if I decide I am going to be happier in my life, and I start making it happen? A simple question like "what if" can allow you to start playing with possibilities. And begin putting windows in the walls of "old thinking" to allow room for expansion. Just be sure you are focusing on expanding your desires...not your fears! This game only works when you find statements that move you up the emotional scale. Focus on the positive, and find statements that feel better.

General Statements of Well-being

Most of us have "default" thoughts that we resort to during the day: things we tend to say to ourselves that reinforce our opinion of ourselves or our lives. Often, we first heard those statements from others, and we simply replay them -- sometimes over and over again. Are these statements serving you? Do they create  good-feelings for you when you think them? Do they help you feel good about yourself and your life? If they don't, then it is time to find some new statements: statements that will reinforce your sense of well-being.

You need to believe these statements. For instance, perhaps you realize that everything always works out for you. Maybe not in every moment, but eventually. If you are having a rough time, it can help to remind yourself, "Everything is always working out for me." Maybe you know that it will be all right. You may not know how, but in your life, it has always eventually been all right. Even if life turned upside down in the past, you did experience that it righted itself again somehow. So you can tell yourself, "It is all right. All is well with the world and with me."  Other suggestions: 

I can do it. I am doing it.

I am loved. The Universe (or God) is watching out for me.

I have what I need. Help comes whenever I need it.

I am worthy of good things and wonderful things are happening for me.

I am doing the best I can and it is enough. I have been successful in the past and I am successful today. 

Life keeps getting better and better.

​Spend some time intentionally finding general statements you can feel affirm your own well-being. Write them down. Post them where you will see them. Put them into your phone where you can see them often. Remind yourself throughout your day that all is well for you. When you believe it, you create it.