An Introduction to the Law of Attraction

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Hermaden Institute

Hermaden on Love, Energy, and our Power to Create

The most powerful force in the Universe is Love. Pure, positive love. It is the highest vibration that exists. If you really understood this force, you would comprehend its power. From your human perspective, you would define it as unconditional love. From our perspective, love is always what you call unconditional. Conditional love is not love. 

There is a stream of energy, of life force, of consciousness, flowing into your physical bodies from the non-physical dimension. You determine the strength and speed of this stream. You are always connected to the non-physical because you ARE non-physical, expressing itself through your physical bodies. Think about the blender in your kitchen. Your physical body would be like the blender. You need electricity to power this blender. This stream of energy is like the stream of electricity that flows into the blender to power it. 

​You are eternal beings. What you call physical death has nothing to do with endedness. There is no end to you. Yes, you change perspectives at your physical death. You return to your non-physical perspective. Yes, you immediately lose all resistant thought. You became one with the stream of love and well-being that is the non-physical dimension, or what many of you call heaven. This happens immediately. And it happens to everyone. There is no judgment at death. There is only this state of heaven, and everyone experiences it. There is no stream of energy that is counter to this life force. There is no good and evil: there is only what you would consider loving and good.

​However, and this is a significant however, you can resist this stream. You can reduce its flow into your life and mind. So there is light and there is resistance to light. There is not a separate force of darkness. You give darkness too much power when you think this way. There is only love and light and well-being, and resistance to allowing it.

​Resistance falls on a continuum. The amount of happiness you are experiencing shows where you are on the continuum, how much light you are allowing and how much light you are resisting. You came here with the intention and expectation of being happy most of the time. If you are not happy, then the only person standing in your way is you. People say we teach self-responsibility. Because we know you are the creator of your life. No one else gets into your life and messes it up for you unless you allow it. We know this sounds harsh to many of you. But you cannot be the creator of your life experience if others can mess it up for you. You have the ultimate power over, and in, your life. What matters most is that you realize it and claim it. 

Hermaden on Divine Guidance

Many people believe that the Divine stopped speaking to humans two thousand years ago. And we say, the Divine has never spoken more to humans than in this present moment.

The challenge is simply that so many humans have stopped listening. People two thousand years ago were less distracted: there was less interference from hectic schedules, electronic communication, the media. People then often had an expectation that the Divine was available to them. Today, more of you believe it is not available and you are “on your own.”

But that has simply never been the case.  We have always been here for you. We are always here for you. When we invite you to listen to your own inner guidance, we are, essentially, asking you to open yourselves and allow us to communicate with you. Do you understand that you all — ALL — have access to divine wisdom, to infinite intelligence, to the Source of all that is? That there is no question we cannot answer? You have only to frame the question and then allow yourself to receive the answer.

Of course, you must come to the vibrational frequency where we are to hear the answer. You must become an allower of the Divine in your life. 

Has a child ever asked you a question, expecting to have to argue for what he or she wanted? Expecting you to say no, and feeling like a case had to be made to convince you to allow what was wanted? You answered “yes” to the child’s request right away, but the child did not hear you because the expectation of a “no” was so strong. So the child kept arguing for what was wanted, even though you had already granted it. This happens between us all the time. You ask a question and we answer. But you are arguing for your limitations, so you do not hear the answer. You expect we will not answer, or that you must struggle and somehow "earn" what you want, so you do not hear what we say. 

We are always always ALWAYS here for you. As soon as you make a request of us, we grant it. We give you the answer, or the inspiration that will lead you in the path of what you want. But you do not hear us. You do not hear us for many reasons. But we want you to know: we hear you. You are worthy of an answer every time and we do answer every time. One, expect an answer. Two, get in the vicinity of the answer. The child expecting a “no” was on a different frequency than the “yes” so the “yes” was not heard. You must tune to our frequency to hear the answer. Ask the question. Then if you do not hear the answer, you need to ask yourself: how do I get on the right frequency, in the right place to hear the answer? And then get there. Do whatever it takes to tune yourself to us. Meditate. Pray in a listening way that is open and allowing. Engage in an activity that makes you happy, or where you are distracted and not engaging in resistant thought. Once you find the frequency, you will find the answer you are seeking. You may not receive the whole answer at once. But we will always lead you to the next step on your journey to what you want.

Have you ever been lost and asked for directions? And the person giving you directions told you such complicated directions, with so many turns and street names, that you were overwhelmed and didn’t know how to begin to follow the instructions? Or perhaps you got the first few turns right, and then completely forgot the rest and became lost again. 

There are times you ask us that it would be impossible for you to receive and understand the entire answer. You cannot remember twenty turns, but you can remember the first turn. Maybe the second. So that is what we give you. And we tell you, here is the first turn to make. And you say, I do not see how that answers my question. And we say, you are too far away from what you want for it to make sense right now. Simply make this first turn, and then, once you are there, we will tell you the second turn. And sometimes you get frustrated and say, I do not see how this gets me what I want. So you don’t make the first turn. You stay where you are and say, Divine guidance is not available to me. And we say, gently, take the first turn. We go to the place of the first turn and we call you there, call you there again and again. And you say, I am staying where I am because I do not see how this first turn will serve me. And we say, but we have a broader view. We see the whole picture. We are telling you how to get where you have asked to be. Trust us. Trust yourself as you hear our answer; you will feel that it is right. But you don’t. You are on the frequency of “no.” You do not understand that we always have your best interests at the forefront. You do not understand that we are viewing you always from a place of unconditional love. So we do not get frustrated with you. Although we will admit that sometimes we find it amusing that you prefer the struggle to the solution.

Take the first turn. That is all we are inviting you to do. And from there, you will be guided to the second turn and the third. Your inner wisdom, your divine connection, will lead you where you want to go because you have asked. We will help tune you to your inner guidance. Trust your inner wisdom. Trust yourself. Know the power you really are, that you really have. Know that you are expressions of divine, loving energy. Appreciate how powerfully you are loved. See yourselves as we see you, and you will come to appreciate how amazing you really are.