Your Prosperity SuperPower!

Becoming Friends with Financial Well-Being and The Law of Attraction

Your Prosperity SuperPower! is a practical approach to shift your thinking to a prosperity mindset. Graehme Hall presents the teachings of the non-physical collective consciousness Hermaden and shares their loving wisdom to support the reader in a journey toward prosperous living, working in partnership with the universal law of attraction.

Many people have learned to think in ways which do not allow abundance to flow to them. Everything is energy, and the powerful law of attraction can only bring what is a match to the vibration you are offering. By shifting your thoughts to a higher frequency, and releasing patterns of resistance, you can allow your natural abundance.

Thought precedes manifestation. You cannot be focused on lack or shortage, for instance, and welcome abundance. By understanding our role in co-creating our lives, we can be intentional in working with that vibrational energy. We can become friends with success. By learning to use our innate powers of creation, we can become conscious creators — and allowers — of financial well-being.

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Odysseys of Love:

Death, Dementia and the Soul

A Journey into Understanding

Odysseys of Love is a journey to a new understanding of death: looking at death from a broader and more inclusive view.

Death is a part of everyone’s life, yet it is something we rarely take the time to fully comprehend. We need to make peace with death.

The fear of dying often impedes our living. The grief we experience when a loved one dies can be difficult to bear. When we understand the eternal nature of the soul and know the relationship has not ended, it can help us find resolution.

Because of Graehme's long-standing relationship with Hermaden, she has learned a great deal from them about death. She has come to appreciate their broader perspective of our physical lives and our eternal spiritual lives.

The book is divided into five sections. The first section is titled, “A Re-Introduction to Death” and provides the foundation of concepts to understand the remainder of the book.

The second section has answers to questions. As questions have been asked of Graehme, she has asked Hermaden, and she shares here the understanding that they have helped her to achieve.

The third section provides a new spiritual perspective on dementia, and helps the reader understand the spiritual role dementia can play in someone's life. It also provides some practical tips on coping with the emotional challenges of the caregiver role.

The fourth section builds a continued understanding of death and our eternal nature. It includes topics like preparing to die, grief, the role of forgiveness, suicide, lost expectations, dreams, and dealing with grief.

​The final section is called, “Moving Forward” and demonstrates that there really is no conclusion to living.

Graehme believes in a God, a Source, a Divine Intelligence, that is unconditional love. She believes that everything in the Universe is energy and connected. She believes that like energies attract. She believes we all go to heaven, to a loving and joyful non-physical dimension, when we die. She believes that relationships with our loved ones are eternal. She believes we are all eternal beings: there is no end to us. “I have been struck,” Graehme writes,” by how often the fear of death, and a misunderstanding of death, can impede one’s life. The lack of knowledge can bring devastating pain. Death is something we all deal with. Doesn’t it make sense we would try to understand it – really understand it?”

​Odysseys of Love is an invitation to think differently about death, the soul, and dementia. The book provides a loving and thoughtful perspective in response to questions much older than we are.

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Hermaden Press

Hermaden Institute

New Attitude, New Job:

Tools to Empower Long-Term Job Seekers with Self-Esteem, Resilience and Success

New Attitude, New Job is a toolkit for job seekers of over two dozen exercises to shift your thinking and improve your outlook. It includes exercises on success, resilience, and abundance, among others.

A new attitude doesn’t guarantee a new job, but it can help energize your job search, improve how you are feeling about yourself, and strengthen the way you present yourself to an interviewer. 

This book is designed for the long-term job seeker. If you are unemployed, underemployed, or newly graduated, you may feel frustrated, discouraged or even hopeless about getting a new job. Being on the job market a while can take a toll on self-esteem and self-image. Rejections may not be personal, but they can feel very personal.

When we feel others don’t see our value and the contribution we can make, our own sense of self can start to erode. New Attitude, New Job is intended to help boost self-esteem, allow our natural resilience to rise, and adjust our thinking to a consciousness of success.

Our minds are powerful. We take our attitudes with us wherever we go. When we give our perceived failures most of our attention, we lose faith in ourselves and stop feeling worthy. We have to focus on our strengths. We need to recall times in our lives we were resilient. We need to tell a different story about ourselves and the future. 

When you change your thinking, you really can change your life. Thinking differently allows the entrance of new thoughts and ideas. You can find inspiration where you could not before. New opportunities may present themselves. You may discover ways to take action that benefit you and others. 

The exercises included are like tools: they have to be used to be valuable. But if you are looking for a new perspective to apply in your job search, this book takes a practical approach to shift how you are thinking.

It’s important to focus on solutions instead of problems. It’s important to find hope and start feeling better. This book helps you reconnect with that part of yourself that knows you are worthy and have an important contribution to make.

Feeling better on the inside affects your perspective on the outside. When you believe in yourself and can align with success, you can move more easily and energetically into creating the future you desire.

Currently available on in print and as an e-book.

Note: you do not need an e-reader to read an e-book. Amazon has a free Kindle app which will allow you to read e-books on your computer.