Hermaden Institute

Who We Are

Our Mission


For you to become empowered...


...to understand the process of intentionally creating your life. How to work with universal energies and laws.

...to understand the extent of your power, because you are incredibly powerful.

...to remember who you really are: your worth, your inherent value; that you are loved, always, all the time.


...to appreciate that you are an extension of Source, of God, of Divine Energy. You are a powerful creator. You can see your own power at work when you understand the principles that govern universal energy and apply them intentionally.

...to understand that Divine Energy is always available to you. You are never alone. Non-physical wisdom and guidance are always here, for you and with you.

The Hermaden Institute

Our current physical home is in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, west of Chicago, in the United States. But through the gift of the web and electronic communication, we communicate with people everywhere.

​We offer workshops where people can dialogue directly with Hermaden. It is also possible to arrange a one-on-one appointment with Graehme Hall, who facilitates the receiving of Hermaden, to either speak with her or talk directly to Hermaden. Phone appointments are possible for people who live outside the local area. Graehme offers workshops that she teaches on intentional creation, the law of attraction, what death really is, and similar topics. Hermaden, of course, does not have a geographic location or home, only a vibrational one.  

Generally, we offer two types of workshops. Discussion groups are designed to bring like-minded people together to learn more about the law of attraction, share success stories, etc. They are facilitated by Graehme. Conversations with Hermaden events are opportunities for participants to speak directly with Hermaden (through Graehme) and receive answers to their questions.

Alignment with Source, God, Divine Energy -- that's what this work is about. Helping you recognize and understand your own power to create, learning the value of your own guidance systems, and then fine-tuning your creative abilities to design the happy, fulfilling life you desire and deserve. There are two kinds of aligned action: action that is aligned with what you want, and action that is aligned with God, with Source, with Divine Energy. The most powerful and effective actions are aligned with both. Actions that are truly empowered are also in alignment with your loving Source, and with the essence of who you really are.

About Graehme Hall

Graehme worked in non-profit universities for 20 years, primarily in administration but also doing some teaching. She then transitioned from academia into administration in the world of non-profits. She has a master's degree from Michigan State University. (Graehme is a "feminine" version of the name Graeme...and is pronounced the same way.)

When Graehme was still in high school, she met a wonderful woman who received ("channeled") the teachings of someone this woman identified as her spiritual guide. Graehme could feel the power of this presence, and the loving, uplifting nature of it. Graehme has always been a seeker. She has studied many spiritual and religious traditions, and the writings of many spiritual teachers. She always wanted to know why things happened the way they did, and better understand our power to work intentionally with the energies of the Universe.

Throughout her life since then, Graehme has known people who received the teachings of non-physical teachers. She stopped thinking it was weird decades ago, although she recognizes that much of our society still doesn't understand it.

When Graehme was in her 20's, she was introduced by a dear friend to the teachings of Seth as presented by Jane Roberts and Robert Butts, and to the idea that we create our own reality. Through other teachers, she was introduced to the idea of the Law of Attraction, the concepts of energy, vibration and frequencies. Later, she encountered the world of Abraham shared through Esther and Jerry Hicks. The Abraham-Hicks teachings resonated with Graehme deeply, because they were in alignment with so much she already understood to be true. Even some of the analogies Esther used were analogies Graehme had been using in her own teaching. Graehme has profound love and admiration for Esther Hicks, and considers Abraham and Esther to be the most powerful teachers on the planet today.

We are all extensions of Source energy -- call it God, Divine Energy, or what you will. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience here on earth. We all receive that energy, and channel it in different ways. Some of the best examples of channeling are athletes at sporting events. They are fully aligned with the power of who they really are. But examples abound all around us. 

​As someone who had lots of questions -- and could be impatient for answers -- Graehme eventually decided she wanted to go directly to Source for the answers, instead of waiting for appointments and workshops with teachers in the physical. She received for years in writing before she decided to take the next step in receiving for others and started to receive and interpret verbally. At first, she only shared her receiving of Hermaden with friends. The friends said it was so helpful and accurate that she should share the work with others. And so she began receiving publicly in 2013.

The word "channeling" means many different things to different people, and it is not a word Graehme chooses to define this work. She thinks of the process as tuning to the frequency of Hermaden, then receiving the loving, infinite intelligence of this collective consciousness, which she then interprets into words to share with the people asking questions. 

Graehme sees Hermaden as a collective consciousness -- a group of many wise and loving non-physical teachers. It is the unity of their message and feeling which has come to be known as the wisdom of Hermaden. From their perspective in the non-physical dimension, they have a broader view of our lives, our planet -- us -- as well as access to infinite intelligence. They can offer us guidance and understanding. And they love us -- all the time, without conditions. But more than anything, they remind us of who we really are, and help us to reclaim it.